BECO – Teaching in Kabul, Afghanistan

Basirat Educational Charity Organization (BECO) established in 2015, is a charity organization in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In a country torn for years from war and oppression the need for education is extremely large. The illiteracy in Afghanistan is high, The UN estimates that millions of children do not go to primary school. Of them, 60 percent are girls. Many women are self-employed because their husbands are either in the fighting or have been killed or captured. The children, from a young age, need to help with their livelihood and are therefore deprived of the opportunity to go to school. 

BECO’s goal is to empower women, girls, boys and children in Afghan society and make them self-sufficient. BECO organization wants to decrease the illiteracy from society.

The organization works with women, girls and boys (8 till 25 years old) to reduce illiteracy, build empowerment, education, teach economy and professional skills. They have about 250 students in different courses being taught by 12 professional teachers.
Worth noting is that half of their teaching staff are female which is very unusual. They also serve as important role models.

BECO is set to work in the following areas:
1: General, literacy and training vocational
2: General training vocational (Tailoring, Handicrafts, Calligraphy, Painting etc.)
3: General, training English and computer

 Students are learning Dari language (reading and writing), Pashto language (reading and writing), mathematics (sum, subtract, multiply, division), Basic English Language (3rd grade) and Computer Program.
In addition the instructors will also train for three months in the field of English Language and Basic computer skills.

Every three months the students receive food grants to encourage their willingness to learn. 

The women, girls and children who passed the literacy and vocational courses will be capable of reading and writing. They will have a general knowledge and Basic English language.

This plan directly benefits 100 women and children in Kabul Province each year. On the other hand, 200 people benefit indirectly in Kabul Province, so totally 300 people benefit indirectly in this plan. 

Motivation: Activities are in line with The Book Aid’s purpose of assisting children and adults with teaching materials and stimulate reading among the weakest sections of society. This organization has established itself as an educator with high standards and quality.