Women’s literacy program in Butaleja/Uganda

The Situhira Women Association conducts reading and writing classes, two hours twice a week for nine months a year for a group of about 20 women in the poor Butleja district of eastern Uganda. In addition to the women learning to write, read and count, the group has strengthened their self-esteem and increased sense of community in the village.

Since 2019, there have been two teaching groups of 20 women – a continuation group and a beginner’s group. The beginner group learns to read, write, count, and social skills and nutrition. The continuation group expands their vocabulary and writing skills. Both groups also learn to grow different plants.
Together they are working on setting up a field for growing cassava and nuts. Some of the women are now helping the village children with extra tuition on Saturdays.

The Book Aid support goes to breakfast during lesson hours.

All teaching has been stopped since April 2020. Lessons will be resumed as soon as schools open and crowds are allowed.

Motivation: Activities fit very well with the purpose of The Book Aid in terms of literacy and strengthening of the weakest groups in society. The organization is responsible for teaching materials and teachers,
The Book Aid only supports food during class hours. This is very important because often it is precisely what attracts women, and makes it possible for them, to come to the lessons and follow the teaching.