Books to Uganda (BtU)

The non-profit association Books to Uganda has been active since 2013. It was started by some teachers at a school in Huddinge/Stockholm after a study visit to Uganda when they saw an urgent need for books in Ugandan schools, especially in rural areas. The association collects English-language books for primary school children and sends them to three primary schools in vulnerable areas in rural Uganda.

Representatives of BtU travel to Uganda once a year and deliver the books to the schools. In one of the schools, they have contributed to the construction of a library which was later named Stockholm Library.

The Book Aid supports purchase of exercise books so-called revision books – basic teaching aids in math, English, NO and SO used by students in the last year of primary school. The books are purchased on site and delivered to the schools by BtU during their visit to Uganda.
The trip in 2020 to Uganda was canceled due to the pandemic.

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Motivation: Assisting primary school students in Uganda with teaching materials to be able to prepare for the final exams in year 6 is in line with The Book Aid’s statutes. However, we have rejected the association’s request for support for transport costs for books collected in Sweden.