Project NIMA in Ghana

This is a very interesting educational project in Ghana that involves both adults and children in Ghana and in Sweden.
Project NIMA ”builds self-esteem by letting help go in both directions”, i.e. both from Sweden to Ghana and from Ghana to Sweden.

The founder and general secretary Christina Wenngren has developed a concept of mutual aid that stands out from the methods of traditional aid organizations. The young people in Project Nima regularly participate in academic education and workshops. They then become the project’s young ambassadors and further educate other children and young people.

The focus is on topics such as child trafficking, corruption, international politics, knowledge of the world around us, post-traumatic stress, stress management in social media, human rights, and self-esteem.
The ambassadors contribute with their own experiences from their unique perspectives and make a linked analysis. In this way, they create an unbeatable educational material that can be used to further educate children and adults in Ghana and in Sweden.

The project has received a lot of attention from schools in some of Stockholm’s vulnerable areas. The project’s methods are a powerful tool for creating integration bridges between different groups in society. In 2018, the organization was granted a 90-account by the Swedish Fundraising Control.

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Motivation: The project is in line with The Book Aid’s statutes. It also has many fascinating aspects that can hopefully ”flood over” on other of The Book Aid’s projects.
For example, a mutual aid activity has been built up between young people in Ghana and in Sweden, and the young ambassadors in the project further train other children and young people who at the same time contribute with their own experiences. Christina Wenngren also inspires great confidence with her genuine commitment.