Study Compass Organization (SCO) in Cambodia

Outside Siem Reap in Cambodia, there is a school, ECCS, which The Book Aid supports. Siem Reap is best known for the ruined city of Angkor, which is located just outside, and which stands for the city’s main industry, namely tourism.

For several years now, ECCS has been run entirely on a non-profit basis by a Cambodian teacher, Em Bunthouen. During the day he is a teacher at a regular school and every evening, from Mon-Fri, he teaches children in the countryside English and IT.
The aim is that the children through knowledge of English and IT will be able to take part in the huge tourist boom in Siem Reap, be able to support themselves and have the opportunity to stay in the area.

The Book Aid has contributed  to cover costs for teaching.

Motivation: The purpose of increasing the children’s opportunity for support and living in the area through teaching is in line with The Book Aid’s spirit.